Monday, March 12, 2012

Sergeant Alvin Cullum York

Early Years
 Alvin was born on December 13th 1887 in Pall Mall, TN. He was the 3rd of 11 children. He had little schooling because he had to help his father put food on the table. As a young boy he enjoyed the mountains where he lived in TN all his life. He was a top shot in his county of TN. This skill of his  will prove a major role  in his miltary life.  The year was 1911 when York’s father died. This made Alvin the oldest and he  had to  take care of his mother working as a logger in Harriman TN. During this time he became a drinker and a gambler.  This time of sorrow and misery  will end when he meets Gracie Williams, the love of HIS LIFE! She turned him from drinking and gambling to find peace with God. He eventually becomes a member of the Christ and Christian union.
Military Service
 York tried to escape the draft because of his  newly founded  Christan beliefs.  despite his many attempts to excuse himself from miltary service, York was drafted and on November 15, 1917 he reported for duty at camp Gordon in Georgia. "He thought that his religion said not to fight but his country told him to fight." Alvin arrived in France on June 27, 1918. He fought in the trenches,  but on October 8th his greatest day will occur. Along the Argonne Forest sector York was ordered to attack a German line which had 20 or more soldiers among theses Germans was a major. What was great about this was York and his men never shot there rifle on these Germans but the major yelled and the Germans started to fire at York’s men 2 died York shot and shot. A group of 6 Germans charged (with fixed bayonets) York, York stood and took aim he killed every single one. York was a part of the charge with the 82, 120,125, 122 divisions of the US Army. The 82 was holding a small part of the Argonne forest. The German major yelled to York ill surrender if you stop shooting. York had taken 132 prisoners. The objective of the fight was to get to the railway and take recon on the German positions and make a stealth attack on the Germans and take out the machines guns. York during this attack he was gassed and shot at and charged with a bayonet but he never faulted infrount of the Germans he kill 28 German soldiers in his time during this attack.  When he captured the major he used his colt 1911 as he says in his diary. This is kind of ironic because his father died in 1911 and he is killing men with a weapon that was made in the year his father died. York didn’t like to fight at all but he kills 28 men in that one place sometimes this makes me think what came over these man as he ended other men’s lives.  He was the company’s sharpshooter and there where 16 of the men who captured the German line.
Later life

York married Gracie Williams in June. York had 7 kids and toured around the USA because he was a hero of war. He made the C. York Agricultural Institute in the year of 1926. In the year of 1941 they made a movie about his life Gary cooper stared in the picture and won an academy award. Before World War 2 York worked to make a TN state guard. He did not like the US going to war again with Germany or Japan. York reenlisted for service but was rejected because of his age and weight. In 1954 he had a stroke and in 1964 he died.  Alvin York was an American hero that was one of many of great men who died and served for their countries.